I gotta' wait until I can get premium again to do another photoshoot but i really like the new outfit!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Damaris to you! We hope you have had a great year and that 2023 is absolutely smashing!

Damaris body pillow commission has been finished! Now I need to buy the actual pillowcase but it'll be a little bit before that happens xD

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Damaris dressed up as a spooooooky ghost this year! Will you give her a trick or a treat?

The backstory of Damaris (pictures are SFW) 

She was found in a dump on Earth wearing clothes that would befit someone from the middle ages... not someone thousands of years into the future. By "she" we really only mean her head, as the rest of her body was completely missing. Even then, her head was largely unsalvageable; one eye was missing, the other squashed, much of the skin and hair completely stripped off of it. Miraculously, her brain was still intact.

ARKS scientists were able to use her DNA to determine her original eye and hair color, general height, and body type. After carefully preserving her brain, they began to craft her a new body, one made of synthetic tissue and metal. They decided to leave a defining feature of her face, the scar over her left eye, to help with the shock when she woke up and looked at herself for the first time.

Finally... Damaris awoke. She remembered nothing but her first name. The adjustment period was brutal, as her brain was nowhere near accustomed to driving her new body. Even the gravity felt a little awkward in the simulated environment of a spaceship. Over time, she was able to carry out normal tasks and became friends with some of the ARKS in the Oracle fleet's 2nd ship, Ur.

This wasn't all done out of the goodness of the ARKS hearts, though. Damaris was an experiment, and she was still being tested on. She had been given a body capable of withstanding harsh conditions and intense battles, and that wasn't going to go to waste.

Damaris was now indebted to ARKS, and became integrated into their military. She quickly became proficient with guns, particularly a certain brand of rifle. Given her proclivity towards it, she adopted the surname of Noveske. During her training, she was given more implants, with her body maintaining the same aesthetics but becoming drastically more functional in combat. She could glide through the air, run incredibly fast, jump impossibly high, and all of her senses became enhanced. She rose to the top ranks of her classes, and soon enough she had graduated to the big leagues, no longer in simulations but fighting against real enemies.

Her performance was so exceptional that she eventually joined the highly-specialized unit of ARKS known as the Death Squad. Their primary objective was to kill Falspawn, an invasive alien species, but behind the scenes they would deal with rogue ARKS deemed to be threats. There, she befriended Quna, an idol by day and assassin by night. It was there she became highly interested in singing, even getting a throat implant to apply effects to her voice while she performed.

Today, she continues to help ARKS and works to make sure people are safe, no matter what the cost. Of course, she makes sure to have fun on the side as well, taking time to relax and express herself through her music.

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Cyberpunkin' it up for the first half of October! I really like this look; might end up sticking with it for a bit after the spooky season is done!

First up is the weapons: arm blades, a launcher, and a rifle. The perfect arsenal for a 'borg that's 'bout to kick your ass.

What would Ninomae Ina'nis look like if she was a cyborg? Well, Damaris dons a cosplay and relaxes at the beach before it starts getting too cold!

Taking some time off of the brutal blizzards of Kvaris to soak in the sun and waves for a bit!

someone made jetstream sam in and it's really fuckin accurate

6 hours into the kvaris update

-spent 2 hours doing some prep before going over, 1 of which was spent in salon

-main story is only about 2 hours because there is a stupid side quest that immediately gives you 10m EXP (might be unintended)

-music is okay

-snowboard and bomb crystals are cool

-new characters are pretty endearing, I wish we saw a more more of them though

-races can be fun

It definitely hasn't wowed me in the same way retem did. It isn't bad though. It seems like a lot more time went in to the actual gameplay mechanics rather than the story and presentation this time, so it doesn't leave as much of an impact but it is definitely more varied when it comes to actually playing the game.

I haven't leveled enough to do the urgent quest yet, haven't even gotten my hands on 6* weapons or armors yet. Once I swap to that I'll probably end up just gigantix hunting for some actual challenge.

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