just found out that the character @sjw uses in his profile picture was created by an artist named tinygaypirate

It's finally finished! Months of waiting for parts to arrive, paint to dry, and microplastics being inhaled has brought me the legendary Gawr Guitar!
Based off of Gawr Gura's colors :)

There are a few mistakes here and there because I'm not an artist or a craftsman by any means, but I still had a fun time putting it together and I really like the final result!

daaaaaaamn jmook taking melee's supermajor with sheik, let's fucking go!

got 2nd last year and took 1st this time!

I gotta' wait until I can get premium again to do another photoshoot but i really like the new outfit!

i hadn't heard any of the music from frozen 2 until today and i've gotta' say i'm not super impressed. "into the unknown" is well composed but the vocals in the chorus are a little bit awkward imo. the rest of the music just feels... idk... hollow.

the improvement in the CGI is pretty crazy though. much better fluidity in the animation and more realistic materials despite maintaining the same art style.

i feel like disney's technical prowess has only increased over time, but the soul is heavily diminished. i think that's pretty obvious to most people. their films aren't emotionally moving as they used to be... just becoming kind of vapid.

we will never have another Go The Distance.

excited about this game, it's the only farming game i ever got into. and they're adding more stuff :O

hopefully you can still marry the loli.

Midna's dialogue is actually scrambled English lines, with the pieces randomized each time.

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