@RustyCrab @vriska no, it's government guaranteed. There is no risk.
@dioma @RustyCrab @vriska this is true, private lenders were pushed out of the market by government student loans, because the government is willing to lend at rates and risks that private companies won't.

It's a predatory lending scam (bankruptcy cannot get you out of government loans) to pump money into tuition, also causing the price of tuition to rise due to increased demand funded by the loans.

This, along with the dilution and decline of quality of university degrees, causes university to not only be a degree mill, but a debt mill, to the government.

@aven @dioma @RustyCrab @vriska
Borrowing money from a bank is stupid, but borrowing from a mafia is retarded.

And government is the biggest mafia on the block.

@LukeAlmighty I dunno, in the US the gov ones are far more lenient in terms of charging penalties and pursuing you. They just eat your tax refund (if any) each year. @aven @dioma @RustyCrab @vriska

@roboneko @dioma @RustyCrab @vriska @aven
Now, for the serious response.

You are talking about an entity, that has right to "fine you" any payment they want with an eye testimony of their enforcers.

You are talking about the same entity, that had already decided, some people do not deserve the priviledge to be employed by a 3rd party.
The same entity, that took your right to declare bancrupcy, and that can enslave you, if you do not pay your debt.

And you believe, that they will just forgive you because they did so in the past.

That is what I call suicide tendency.

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@LukeAlmighty The difference here is that it's a regular debt, not a criminal matter or some sort of fine. Sure, legislation could be passed to change that. But then legislation could also be passed to change how regular bank debts are handled as well. If the government decides to be malicious not having federally backed loans isn't likely to be the thing that saves you from them I think.

@dioma @RustyCrab @vriska @aven
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