First quote I've read from the book, and it's pure bullshit already.

@Elfie I will be happy to explain, but I might need a bit more detailed question then "eh?"


Well, I am a libertarian, so to say, that I don't love liberty, and love just the "abstraction" is something I couldn't disagree with more.

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You may be libertarian but your views are extremely far from the reality of the west, the west love it's abstractions more so than reality itself

My problem is, that National socialists are incapable of making this distinctions. Obviously, libertarians, conservatives, ancaps and liberals have each completelly different set of values. But the world national socialists want needs so EXTREMELY FEW consessions to be great for libertarians too.

But, because this distinction is so rarely made, all of national socialists just keep on shitting on people who might actually some day be their closest ally. That is tragic.

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