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Message me on session and tell me to do bad things. All hours. Don't ever let me stop being horny.

A pic that started out simple and then I just kept adding tots to it.

Caption provided by Eula, who can be found here:

omg!!underage trans girls!!
idk why I’m obsessed rn but underage tgirls would be so cute. eat their cute asspussies and make out with their bare balls while you force them to penetrate a baby’s pussy/ass. let them rut and hump aggressively while their developing titties flop up. force her to cum all over a baby’s body while you pound her from behind ❤️
#pedo #transgirl

Lookup court transcripts of child rapists, reading what they did to the kids is pure, unrefined fap fuel.

There's just something extra hot about children getting fucked by trans girl cock

I wish I was raped when I was a little baby boy, and then one day get to jerk off to the videos as a big girl.

I'm really only into children too young to walk.

blood, lots of blood, horse using baby as flashlight 

Friend gave me an idea.
Horse using a baby as a fleshlight. He’s still upright! What a fighter!

#baby #gore

This is actually a redraw of an old sketch i made, which i have too many of. I hope some of you like it!

#rape #toddler #loli #futa #mother_and_daughter

Mommy took Noelle to the park for some hands-on sex education, a stranger passing by was kind enough to volunteer.

POV: It's bedtime and your daughters need their goodnight blowjobs~

baby, implied abortion tattoo?? 

This is an old commission for a dear friend of mine.

foreskin though! :boonchuy_ahegao:

#mother_and_daughter #toddler #baby

:birdy: Awkward erections and where to hide them # 1
Scenario: Kindergarten :woah:

1)Oh, just look at you and the situation you just got yourself into! :blobsweat:

2) But everything is a-okay. Just maintain calm and grab the baby girl of your liking, remove her clothes waistdown and jam your awkward erection opening her little cunny. 🤔

3) Relieve yourself and cream her until your erection is gone and there you have it! You are good to go! 🤤

3.5) Repeat as many times as necesary :blobangel:

Am I so addicted to pedo gooning that I'm going to rub one out in my workplace bathroom? Does my girlcock hold that much power over me that I seriously can't help but jerk off for little children in a work bathroom?
... Absolutely Yes.

It is absolutely transphobic that I do not have a tight newborn cunny to mercilessly rip open with my pedo girlcock right now.

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