New video out! This time we're talking about combat systems! Bitchute link should be live in a few minutes, as well.

Looks like I'm getting a video out today after all! It's by far the longest I've done and I've finally hit the 10 minute mark on a video!

I was honestly expecting less from this, because most remixes of megalovania are kinda shit, but it's actually a fucking banger, good on you, Camellia!

I just realised the chick from the fucking KFC dating sim has some fucking MONSTEROUS thighs, holy shit!

So uh, this is a thing. I don't know if this timeline is the best or the worst yet.

Do you guys call it a mousewheel or a scrolly-poly?

In case anyone needed further proof that this bitch is a psychopath

I hereby formally challenge everyone on fedi to find me a straight man who wouldn't tap Rosa's firm yet shapely ass into nine months from now. I'll wait.

Did someone say UTF-8 encoded string rendering with support for variable-width fonts? No? Then why the fuck did I stay up this late?

playing dd2 after the update and forgot just how much of a buggy mess the thing is...

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My soul hurts when I breathe. Send help.

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