@matrix 90% sure the 1st amendment doesn't exist in CHAZ. You're gonna do what the local warlord tells you or say goodbye to your small intestine.

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@igel @Rude Well I just deleted all user records from jaeger.website so maybe that'll work? I'll let you know when my DNS isn't being a bitch.

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@igel eh.

Well, just know that if I knew pleroma and/or SQL well enough to nuke you from my DB and re-federate with jaeger.website, I'd consider it.

@igel I'd say to take it up with lain but we already did and then rin said they'd do something about it and that was like a month ago and IDK anymore

@igel I can practically taste the twitter wannabe through my monitor

@igel yeah my main instance is a bit uncommitted to this whole "connecting to the internet" thing so I'm on here for a bit

My instance appears to be having some kind of DNS problem so I'll be hanging out here for a bit...

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@igeljaeger Good, one less thing you'll have to drop support for when you switch to englis.

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