I don't get why this was ever even considered a conspiracy theory. In EU you had to (and probably still have to) get a test confirming you didn't have covid to be able to travel to other countries. So we already had a "covid passport". Only makes sense the concept would evolve to where you can replace the test result with a confirmation of vaccination.

I think the measure is a good compromise between completely locking the borders when a pandemic happens so that the infected don't come to your country, and not taking any measures at all to prevent the infection being carried into your country.

You still take some action so that foreign carriers don't bring shit into your country, but people are still allowed to legally travel.

@alyx Covid is a scam, and you are a useful idiot for complying.
Your compromise will see in chains before long.

Wear the mask.
Eat the bugs.
Live in the pod.

Oh noes, the shackles of putting a piece of cloth over your mouth in crowded places! Not even the jews had to live through such horrors!

@alyx Did I talk about masks, or inhibition on movement in the form of vaccine passports that are a form of coercion?
Can you not strawman for 5 minutes?

In your "Your compromise will see in chains before long." you put "War the mask." at the start of a list that's supposed to highlight the road to "chainhood". Which is ridiculous.

And I find it hilarious that covid "skeptics" like you complain about a restraint on freedom of international movement, when the same demographic usually complains about illegal immigrants.

Just FYI, when traveling to more "exotic" parts of the world, you're also required to take certain vaccines before you're allowed there. There's nothing coercive about this measure. It's been standard practice for decades already. Let me know when you'll start complaining that you're forced into taking yellow fever vaccine.

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@alyx My problem with this is the slippery slope, teachers are already required to vaccinate to keep their jobs.

Enjoy your chains, serf.
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