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Here are some useful links (with several new links):

>Single issue sites

~~~ - tracks mass shootings in the US - tracks fake hate crimes - tracks anti-White attacks - tracks crimes in the US by illegal aliens* - race realism site. Well known for its infographics on race (IQ, crime, etc). From the Obama years. Some good info which might not appear on newer sites. Also see*/

~~~ - tracks covid vaccine victims, related to the popular telegram channel - meta analysis on using ivermectin for covid, related to - antivax, focuses on the role aluminum

~~~ - tracks (failed) predictions of climate change catastrophes - climate change skepticism. Many authors. Run by Anthony Watts - climate change skepticism by (((Tony Heller))) - collects and summarizes research on the harmful nature of porn

Dissident Right
~~~ - creates infographics regarding jewish involvement in various institutions and activities - summarizes the "dancing israelis" incident of 9/11 - guess if the quote was said by Hitler, stalin, or churchill - lists people as jews or not jews - Sven's site (TRS) for music (e.g. his own, Morrakiu's, Mr Bond's, etc) and clips (e.g. Murdoch Murdoch, The Impartial Truth, etc) - "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust". Many good resources on the holocaust - documents how jews control various aspects of society

>Multi purpose sites

Multi author news/info sites
~~~ - Run by Kevin MacDonald (author of Culture of Critique). Multiple authors. Topics: jews & dissident politics - Erik Striker's news site. Topics: jews & dissident politics - Articles by various TRS authors. Dissident right - Run by (((Ron Unz))). multiple authors. Topics: wide variety incl. jews & dissident right - Run by Jarad Taylor. multiple authors. Topics: variety, focusing on race realism. Avoids the JQ - Ryan Dawson's site (leftist living in Japan, fairly based). Topics: 9/11, jews, middle east geopolitics - James Corbett's site (leftist living in Japan, at times soyish and cringe). Topics: vaccines, climate change, 9/11, other conspiracies, some cringy leftist content (e.g. MLK, eugenics, etc), largely avoids the JQ - multiple authors cover a wide variety of topics. Run by the homosexual Greg Johnson. Authors range from alt-lite to dissident right - multiple authors cover various topics. It is somewhere between normiecon and dissident right

Single author blogs
~~~ - Vox Day's blog. Various topics. Dissident right; self styled Christian nationalist - Sean Last's blog. Various topics: mostly race realism. data/study heavy. Dissident right - Ryan Faulk's (aka Alternative Hypothesis) blog. Somewhat inactive. Various topics: mostly race realism. data/study heavy. Dissident right - Emil Kirkegaard's blog. Various topics: mostly race realism

~~~ - dissident right cartoons. On Twitter (stone_toss) and a variety of other places. - Home of The Daily Shoah, and various other podcasts. Run by Sven(jeet) and Mike Enoch. - Website of the NJP - provides various tech services (pleroma (fediverse), XMPP (chat), cloud hosting, and more). Run by @thomaslewis

Redpill collections
~~~ - A large compendium of redpills (>800 MB) - A number of redpill PDFs and resources*/ - UnamusmentPark's lists regarding race (primarily crime). Also has fliers*/ - searchable database of redpills - Library of hate (archived). A list of studies and links. - has some good resources, quotes, historical sources

I'm convinced "neural networks" are just a ritual to communicate with some demon machine in hell

Vice "reporters" getting sleep issues and PTSD from an Italian image board

> the members of the image board have taken notice of our investigation and werenโ€™t very happy about it, to say the least. They mocked us and even temporarily changed their nickname from Lupo Lucio โ€“ to our names instead.

@matrix Okay, so. This German corpse factory (look it up) parallel gets pushed at first as being every single camp until American soldiers check out every single camp they have access to, 100% of which were supposed to be death camps but turned out to just be holding camps, while they just continue with the idea that every camp they couldn't check out was a death camp, then once they gain access they destroy them instead of actually checking them out (for some reason).

In these camps you have swimming pools, rabbit breeding programs, orchestras, currency, release forms (for some reason). All of these are real, look up "death camp X" and you'll find them admitted by kikes.

There they are killed (for some reason, even though they're being used for labour) by delousing gas (for some reason) in shower rooms (for some reason.

This delousing gas can be found inside delousing chambers, but not in a single death chamber, this was found by several scientific teams. Literally the best and only explanation they can come up with is because there was zinc in the ventilation. Beast me how it reacted with human lungs thousands of times while leaving background levels of cyanide on the walls.

After being killed with gas they were dragged out a tiny bit after by guards without masks on, without anything done about gas pockets or anything. Even though the Nazis had instruction manuals in which they deloused buildings which took multiple days to make safe again and involved teams of people wearing gas masks actively padding things down to remove any possible gas.

The death chambers, such as a random room attached to a morgue with a wooden door with a glass window.

A lot of the claims come unquestioned from the soviets, even though they're known for blaming the Nazis for their own shit

Every single "survivor" is a serial liar (for some reason).

Multiple survivors have stated they survived being gassed multiple times, and many more just make up other dumb bullshit. Including shit like "swallowing and pooping out diamonds every day for the entire duration of the camp" or "Mengele did magical tattoo removal and that's why I don't have it".
>Following in the trail of โ€œMr. Kโ€ (the Jewish man who told us about electrical masturbation devices in Auschwitz) Iโ€™ve been able to locate the tale of another interesting crime heaped upon the Germans โ€” equipping German Shepherds with poison fangs for use in the alleged extermination of Jews

There are no written records of jew genocide being ordered (and they admit to this) but there are written records of Nazis expressing concern over disease at Auschwitz, even going so far as to invent electric delousing machines to combat it, and written records state there was only every a tiny amount of zyklon b shipped to there. If I remember correctly, the main zyklon b production place had already been bombed by the allies anyway. There is no evidence of mass graves, the best they can claim is that there are "pits", but there is evidence to the contrary from ground penetrating radar failing to find bones (which it should, despite what they say).
>The existence of mass graves was known about from witness testimony, but the failure to provide persuasive physical evidence led some to question whether it could really be true that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed here.
>By the electrical properties contrast of dry soil, human blood, and human bones, it is predicted that the GPR survey at graveyard will show a clear anomaly indicating the buried human body location.

They hold a mock trail for the people involved where they torture "confessions" for several days and then call them guilty based on it.

Multiple similar claims before.
>Glynn's article "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" was published in the October 31, 1919, issue of The American Hebrew; in it he lamented the poor conditions for European Jews after World War I. Glynn referred to these conditions as a potential "holocaust" and asserted that "six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas".[8][9] Robert N. Proctor says that "[this] oddity has been exploited by Holocaust deniers but is simply a remarkable coincidence and nothing more.

There are known lies about soap made from jewish fat, lampshades from jewish skin, and shrunken jewish heads which were pushed as real facts by the (which was ran mostly by kikes), but also we should believe all the current atrocity stories. There are even letters from within the BBC of them admitting that polish jews were exaggerating and making shit up.
>I think that we weaken our case against the Germans by publicly giving credence to atrocity stories for which we have no evidence. These mass executions in gas chambers remind me of the stories of employment of human corpses during the last war for the manufacture of fat, which was a grotesque lie and led to the true stories of German atrocities being brushed aside as being mere propaganda.
>I daresay that my minute is too late to be of use but I feel certain that we are making a mistake in publicly giving credence to this gas chambers story.
>In my opinion it is incorrect to describe Polish information regarding German atrocities as โ€˜trustworthyโ€™. The Poles, and to a far greater extent the Jews, tend to exaggerate German atrocities in order to stoke us up. They seem to have succeeded
>Albert G. Rosenberg, The American Lieutenant in charge of documenting Buchenwald (where the shrunken heads came from), was from the Psychological Warfare Division of the Allied Forces.

Lastly, why did denial of a historical "fact" become illegal exclusively here and oddly happened in the 90s when the Russian government released their document archive they took from the Nazis?

jews are what made up, perpetuated, and benefit from the holocaust lie. Look at how they react when they're challenged, or compete for victimship.


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