@hideki Recognized text: “ PC
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Home News Apple
Apple to Remove
‘Master/Slave’ and
Blacklist’ Terms From
Coding Platforms
The company is telling developers to
instead use inclusive language terms such
as primary/secondary’ and ‘deny list/allow
list’ when it comes to documenting and
coding their software projects. “

@hideki I have no idea how they haven't got bankrupt yet: their products cost a lot, they break easily, my iPhone stopped working if the temperature dropped below 0 C, they also had some sort of monopoly on App Store etc.

@karin_artss they still manage to get lines of people on launch day of any "new" product

@orekix btw it's not just them, there's also CocaCola and Nike on that lobby

@orekix @hideki

Nah it's greatly useful to their bottom line

They get to pretend to be moral for people too stupid to dig any deeper, and then not actually be moral because said people won't dig any deeper
@histoire @orekix @hideki plus they get all the positive word-of-mouth marketing that comes with being "green", "inclusive", &c..
worst thing is, it works.

The amounts of double standards here are staggering.

@hideki @celia That WaPo story is suspect. Contradicted ( although I wish she’d provide more details) but this actual China reporter (which the WaPo reporter is not): twitter.com/bethanyallenebr/st

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