@matrix @orekix That goes against the acceptable use policy so you could lose it.


Come up with a family friendly acronym and claim the scunthorpe problem if anyone asks.

@matrix @orekix Come up with a way around that like SlutsOfInstagram.com did when Facebook tried to sue them.

Personally, I think an acronym would be best since LGBT is already an acronym.

Just play dumb if asked about it and be like "What are you taking about? GASTHE stands for _____________."

@sjw @matrix Going Against Sexist Totalitarian Heterosexual Establishment

@sjw @orekix Running some blog unrelated to the name could be fun. Wordpress hosting is cheap.

@matrix It'd be a one time charge and renewal world be the regular ≈$34/yr for renewal.

It doesn't have to be a joke domain. You could do something with it like me.

@matrix I'd recommend BuyVM. They're cheap AF and performance is much better than a lot of other providers like OVH. Additionally, they don't mind you doing stuff like running a seedbox, tor exit relay, etc.

This Mastodon instance has 256 GB of storage for media attachments/DB backups and unmetered bandwidth and only costs $4.25/mo to run thanks to them.

@sjw Looks pretty nice. I'm currently running this instance on 6 thread, 16gb ram and 160gb ssd VPS for $33/month.

@grips @sjw @matrix Mine is $14/month on Vultr (VM + reserved IPs + block storage), but I only have 10 people and don't run anything else on it (other VMs for my main web and e-mail) .. my total Vultr bill is ~$70/month and I want to try and consolidate to bring that down...

@grips @sjw I'm barely using 10% of that. I slightly overestimated it.

@sjw The nice thing about my host is that I can change my number of threads, ram, storage and network speed however I want up to 32 threads, 132gb ram, 2tb storage and 1000Mbps network speed.

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