@policeinchains Any ideological concept can be used to push anything and anyone who isn't brain dead can tell if someone is genuine.

@matrix I am not sure so. What you do sounds like you don't want to see the obvius relationship between a rising political power wanting to exploit freedom of speech to their own political ends. Not every ideological concept can be used for any end, you can't use workers ownership of means of production to push for scottish independence. This is just absurd.

The example you provided isn't probably the best one. It would be extremely easy if most factories were owned by foreign business men which is often the case.
Most people defending free speech are genuine and many of those who aren't already admitted it.

@matrix Under said situation yes, but we don't live in that situation. If you said every political concept can serve any end under proper situation. But you didn't say that. And Free speech is used for Far Right's efforts, since they are an up and coming phenomenon. As i said, this situation if fertile for Nazis. This happened before. Also, you can't use gender equality to advocate for invasion of netherlands by South African Government.

You being sincere in your belief doesn't change whom does it serve.

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