I have absolutely no idea who these people are, who is reporting who for what reason and what does it have to do with you. Some minimal context would be nice.

@fuxoft @sjw I made a gasthe.lgbt instance and disguised as LGBT safe space.

@matrix @sjw wait what? a TLD has an abuse form? what the actual fuck
@saga @matrix yeah, icann has policies pertaining to whois validity. registrars reserve the right to suspend on additional criteria too

@wowaname @matrix @saga Specifically country code TLDs and generic TLDs canbe operated/owned by specific groups and have specific policies. Some startups use .bio without realizing it can only be used for organic farming and they lose their domain. .io has had issues too, although more through just stupidity and DNS bugs.

@saga @matrix @sjw To be fair, the company handling the TLD does say they want to make it a safe space for lgbt people etc. and a joke domain does go against that. I disagree with it, but they are the ones in charge of it.


Even if the domain registrar is against something like gasthe.lgbt, the fact that it got through in the first place mean they're doing a pretty bad job of curation.
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