@matrix I miss Vsauce.

Vsauce without Michael is not Vsauce. Without any of the trio, really.

@matrix@gameliberty.club Hey! VSauce, Michael here, and I'm on the network called the fediverse, full of all kinds of people! But why is OP always such a faggot? Well, to understand this dilemma, we also need to understand what the word "faggot" means. "Faggot" is the British spelling of its derivative word "fagot" which means a bundle of sticks, twigs or iron rods bound together to be used for a variety of purposes. Certain types of objects, usually those with a thick yet long shape are described as "phallic" which means "of, relating to or resembling a penis". So perhaps in calling someone the derivative of a word describing a bundle of sticks, twigs or iron bars, we can conclude that by calling OP a faggot, we are calling him a gathering place for what is suggested to be a cluster of cocks. However, a bunch of dicks squeezed together is not included in the definition of "fagot", so the more suggested usage of the word would be to say that OP in fact shoves sticks, stick-like objects and rods up their own anal sphincter, or is in other words, a homosexual. Okay, so we've concluded what it means to call OP a faggot. But WHY is OP always a faggot? Well, if we go back to the 1990s we'll find that "OP" has been used since then as an abbreviation of "Original Poster"; The EARLIEST known usage of "OP is a faggot" was on fedi itself on May 29th, 2007. The Anonymous poster in question wrote these words: "OP is a fat fuck living in his moms basement He's a freeloader and doesn't pay rent OP is a faggot and loves the cock OP is a faggot and loves the cock He lurks /b/ only 2, maybe 3 hours a day He loves the cock but insists he's not gay OP is a faggot and loves the cock OP is a faggot and loves the cock OP would liek to be raped by a horde of guys Yet he insists that he is only bi.. OP is a faggot and loves the cock OP is a faggot and loves the cock" We can create a weapon that mimics the furnace of our sun and the winds of Neptune, but we can't even predict how much of a faggot OP will be.

@sjw @matrix the reasone faggot was usd for gays is because women and weaklings were the ones who went and gathered bunndles of twigs because they couldnt do anythignelse. not because twigs are shaped like dicks

@shit@pl.smuglo.li @matrix@gameliberty.club I thought it was because we burned gay people at the stake with bundles of sticks burning under them.

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