@matrix Stop posting screenshots of a 70% blank screen without cropping the image!

@matrix even if fetishixing trans people was an actual problem (it isn't) I would believe that a cyberpunk society would.

@matrix I don't get how people get upset about things that offend them in a fictional dystopian universe that you are not supposed to want to actually live in.

@SuperDicq @matrix How is John Wick / Matrix an allegory about trans people?

The Wachowskis are trans and one of the characters is most likely trans.
It's like saying that the Matrix has Bible references, therefore it's a Christian movie.

@m4iler @SuperDicq
*one of the characters in the Matrix, but I forgot which one.

@matrix @m4iler the Wahcowskis weren't even trans when they made the Matrix

@matrix @SuperDicq @m4iler
>and one of the characters is most likely trans.
Hardly. It's not trans to use the opposite sex as an avatar in a video game. You know full well that if deep dive VR ever becomes a thing in our lifetimes, most of the GNU/Smug users will be using little girls as avatars if they're given the opportunity.
@matrix i didn't know bill and ted was about transitioning
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