@matrix i'd say a country's money takes their worth from the raw value of the country's productive economy.

Bitcoin to me is as if i created cardboard money and wanted somehow to have them have any real value.
@daisuke @matrix our currencies are fiat based since Nixon removed the gold standard from the USD in1971 (most national currencies were already backed by the USD even before that), that's why the monkey is looking away so funny
@orekix @matrix yeah i know that, but a dollar still has the whole country productive force backing it up, it's not thin air either, it's not only computer bits that a group of people decided that have monetary value.
@orekix @matrix it's like if i have a business, people give me money because i provide a product or service, something worth of they money, to them, not because they think my mere existence is worth money.
@daisuke @matrix yeah but that's just exchange, a country relies on debt ceiling to print more of its money
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