@matrix Generally true, but it does become an issue when you have mediums which are technically private but so pervasive they borderline on public utility, which of course WOULD mean a violation of freedom of speech to ban someone from such a tool.

Absolutely. I'm trying to mock the comic or more specifically it's use to defend giant corporations.

@freemo @matrix

Not much, actually.

I mean, do you really pretend a #US artist has ever read the Universal Declaration of #HumanRights?

That's not fair at all! ð¤£

And it's not even correct.

Read articles 18, 19 and 12.
No mention about #Government.
Such restriction exists only in the mind of those who have a problem with #FreeSpeech.


@matrix n-no this time it's different

also, as always, this argument works both ways.
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