Remember: improving the human condition is oppressive and exclusionary

@matrix "how dare you want to actually heal things, you bigots"
@matrix I was pre-emptively put off by the SJW-looking character; then I was validated by the actual content.

Alt-take: being oppressive and exclusionary to the dysgenic is not bad.
@matrix The best way to accommodate deaf people is to cure deafness. That's the only 100% foolproof solution.
@matrix Looks like that....
"Reject Alexander Graham Bell's ideology" ? Like What ? Like the ideology of innovation, scientific and technological progress and puting reason to work ?
this is disgusting

how can someone want for their childs and loved ones to be healthy and capable citizens?

truly I cannot understand such utterly disgusting ideas, now I gotta break my kids legs so he's more equal to his friends ffs
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