Want to hear a retarded highly disingenuous argument? Here: “in a society in which racism and sexism were absent, the questions of whether whites or men are more or less intelligent than blacks or women would not merely be meaningless – they would not even be asked”

Those questions would only be meaningless and not asked anymore if we knew for sure that there were no inherent genetic difference between those demographics that would impact intelligence in any way.
Right now these questions are being asked precisely because we don't know for sure if the differences exist or their impact (even though there are some who will claim these things are already solved).
And the questions are meaningful because we clearly observe differences in outcome when it comes to these demographics and we need to eliminate as many as the variables as possible to find the cause (and solution) to this (seeing how there are many who view these differences of outcome as detrimental and a problem). And intelligence is a big variable.

Even in a completely non-racist society, the questions themselves would still be meaningful for the same reason, that the potential answers have an impact on how our society works. But indeed, they might be asked less or not at all. (although I still expect to see proof that it would indeed be a good idea to not ask and try to answer these questions).
@matrix You mean, in a society where curiosity has been destroyed entirely on the basis of a few people's idea of superiority without effort?
@matrix So anti-racism requires people to shut off their brains and not Notice obvious patterns, sounds about right actually.
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