@matrix >his life has turned upside down

truly a fresh prince

@matrix Divorce, maybe? Granny would be pleased. Or some accident in the tunnel.

@matrix So Harry is finally the miserable life of British NEETs.
@matrix In his defence who could have predicted marrying a mulatto prostitute that used to date a guy that starred in porn would end badly
@TrevorGoodchild @matrix He could have done so much better, it's blows my mind how stupid he is.
@ChristiJunior Imagine having lucked out into instant fame and assured wealth, effortless Fame game, having above-average looks to boot . . . and leveraging that for a reamed-out post-wall mystery meat hooker, sorry, actress
Joker Clown.jpg
@TrevorGoodchild @ChristiJunior He could pick up a better looking 21 year old version of her at any club in Europe.
@judgedread @ChristiJunior It just stuns me. I have blue collar friends that do HVAC/plumbing and they score better trim than royalty and billionaires. Unreal.
@judgedread @TrevorGoodchild @ChristiJunior you just proved that she looks better than most white women her age.

Total backfire.
@TrevorGoodchild @matrix wow she was a pornstar by proxy and now she is a princess?

Stop hating, give ma girl a clap.

Hell of an upgrade...
@Prodigal @matrix Tbqh I assume all 'actresses' have sucked dick for favors and turned themselves out, recent events with fat Harvey have done nothing to convince me otherwise
@TrevorGoodchild @Prodigal @matrix "I assume all 'actresses' have sucked dick for favors and turned themselves out"

Not just the actresses....
@TheMadPirate @Prodigal @TrevorGoodchild @matrix Sure, but I was thinking more along the line of adult male actors sucking circumcised dick in order to get where they are, which would be the reason why they never speak out against all the freaks and pedophiles that run Hollywood.
@ChristiJunior Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me fren:

So: every time you see a promising up and coming male Pedowood actor with great looks, actual talent and stage presence. They get their first starring role, knock it out of the park, but you never see them in any other films?

The reason is always literally "didn't suck enough jew cock"
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