@matrix the usual duplicity, if you say white lives matter, it means only white lives, if you say all lives matter, then it's raciss against joggers, but if you say black lives matter, that just means "they matter too".
Makes sense. That's kinda what happens in a communist regime. Spread enough of the party propaganda, and you get ahead in life.
@alyx @matrix i wish we had a communist regime so i didn't have to pay $300k for a small house
@videomurder @alyx @matrix i love living in america bros
Pros: can say n word
Cons: cannot afford to eat or live
@videomurder @matrix
I'm gonna assume that is a joke, cause otherwise you have no idea what you're wishing for.
@alyx @matrix i lived in the USSR and the USA can definitely benefit from copying many quality of life improvements from the Soviet government
@videomurder definitely starting to see the possible benefits of quietly "disappearing" dissidents, esp. the noisier ones.
@alyx @matrix
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