@matrix Proof that the "Libertarian Right" (not a real thing) will side with the "Libertarian Left" (not a real thing) against the "Authoritarian Right" (traditionalists), by conflating them with the "Authoritarian Left" (communist left) government their "Libertarian Left" (communist left) allies put in place.

There is only the Right, versus every Libertarian, Hippie, and Commie because they're all on the same team fighting against nationalism with every dirty trick they can manage.
@CreamSeparatist @matrix yeah fuck those nasty freedom loving libertarians, how dare they side with human rights and freedom instead of selling out on their core values to praise the right flavor of fascism. They should only hate the wrong kinds of fascism, MY preferred authoritarianism is the GOOD one
@galena @CreamSeparatist @matrix "freedom-loving" lolberts and "humanitarians" love to maximize their interpretation of freedom/humanity over all others in an oppressive manner. Freedom of any kind will always rub against and aggravate another kind of freedom until they purge one another.

You can attempt (and fail) to refute this seeming paradox but the history and behaviour shows a common trend of competing and mutually exlusive freedoms and their respective people promoting them. Enlightenment liberals maximizing their interpretation of freedom at the expense of the freedom of monarchs. Muslims maximizing their interpretation freedom at the expense of non-Muslims. Capitalists and marxists maximizing their interpretation freedom at the expense of a nation's working class.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @matrix "Freedom" to infringe upon another individual's rights isn't freedom. The "freedom of monarchs" is an oxymoron, because monarchs infringe upon the freedom of those they rule merely by existing. What "freedom" are Muslims attempting to exercise that comes at the expense of another's freedom? None of them are "freedom", they're all attempts to justify their barbaric and oppressive religious practices under the guise of "religious freedom". When you're interacting with another person or group of people, your "freedom" doesn't override their freedom or their rights. You can't do whatever you want to them, because that's infringing upon their autonomy. All of the cases you've mentioned are simply an oppressive person or people attempting to infringe upon other people's rights and claiming it's their "freedom".

When your actions involve yourself and your property, and only yourself and your property, you have absolute freedom to do whatever you want. Likewise, so long as everyone involved consents to whatever it is you're doing, a group of people have freedom to do whatever they want among themselves with their property. "No," says the monarch, "you must not do things I do not approve of, and you must surrender your property to me." "No," says the Muslim (or Christian, or Jew, or any other religion), "your actions offend my God, and your life is forfeit." It is in no way oppressive to exercise your rights and freedoms when no one else is involved, or when everyone involved consents to it. That is the basis of Libertarian freedom. Anyone claiming to somehow be "oppressed" by two consenting adults doing something that doesn't involve them is, to put it bluntly, a fucking idiot.
@icedquinn @CreamSeparatist @andreas @matrix Like all religions, it can be good or bad. I was referring primarily to Abrahamic religions, but almost any religion can be twisted to justify killing or otherwise harming others.
@andreas @galena @CreamSeparatist @matrix as for the actual topic i suppose its time to start demanding an amendment so that crypto is constitutionally banned from being banned. tired of having to redo the fucking crypto wars every decade.
@icedquinn @CreamSeparatist @galena @matrix Freedom always tramples another freedom when in proximity to one another. The freedom of religion has potential to trample the freedom to have sex with men if that religion is explicitly hostile to such behaviour and like wise the freedom to have sex with men will have potential to trample those that have the freedom of religion to reject such behaviour.
@galena @CreamSeparatist @andreas @matrix yea pretty much. buddhisms just weird because it specifically has the "don't engage in extremes" clause that like, nothing else does. and enlightenment is a self process, you can never get it by oppressing others. which is also something most religions are missing.
@icedquinn @galena @CreamSeparatist @matrix Buddhists killed Daoists over their religious beliefs. Enlightenment is a delusion.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @galena @matrix they were clearly doing Buddhism wrong. Siddartha didn't teach force conversions.
@icedquinn @andreas @CreamSeparatist @matrix And Christians who kill gays are doing it wrong, because Jesus said to love thy neighbor. And Christians who don't kill gays are doing it wrong, because the Bible says they're all abominations who need to die.
Religions tend to contradict each other like that and (practically) no one actually follows them fully, picking what they like and ignoring what they don't.
@galena @icedquinn @CreamSeparatist @matrix It is morally acceptable to put to death degenerates of any kind. Christians will follow the example of faggots to the grave and hell for they have the freedom to suffer and die for their degeneracy.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @galena @matrix Tao Te Ching does advocate basically keeping your population stupid and inept because "simple work" is happiest for them.
@icedquinn @CreamSeparatist @galena @matrix Not all population groups are fit for wisdom and intellectualism.
@icedquinn @CreamSeparatist @andreas @matrix Someone braindead enough to think not being allowed to murder people because his imaginary friend says it's okay is infringing on religious freedoms is very clearly not "fit for wisdom and intellectualism".
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @icedquinn @matrix Not yet, but my boyfriend will be leaving me pretty assblasted in a few hours, if you know what I mean. It's gonna be great.
@galena @CreamSeparatist @icedquinn @matrix So you are assblasted and will get assblasted by your twink boyfriend... Nice self-own, you stupid whore.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @icedquinn @matrix Well, it's not like we can ban incest. That would be infringing on everyone's religious freedom, after all.
@galena @CreamSeparatist @icedquinn @matrix Not all freedom is valid or worth defending. In fact it warrants trampling with a superior form of freedom. That is what I am explicitly and implicitly stating.
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@andreas @galena @icedquinn @matrix Democracy being a good example: the freedom to have a say in society is tyranny to intelligent and responsible people, lowering them to the level of drug addicts and prostitutes and faggots and forcing good and moral minorities to bow to their always numerically superior lessers.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @matrix tl;dr "freedom means I'm allowed to rape and murder and enslave and anyone who tells me otherwise is oppressing me so freedom actually doesn't exist"
@galena @CreamSeparatist @matrix That is freedom. Thank you for confessing what it was truly about.
@andreas @CreamSeparatist @matrix I was being hyperbolic to mock you, but I guess my hyperbole was what you actually believe.
@galena @CreamSeparatist @matrix I was well aware of your mockery unlike your null-awareness of the consequences of freedom.
@matrix the gamer headphones really add to the accuracy
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