@matrix akshually you should reboot on linux too it just doesnt bug you about it
@tuxcrafting @igel @matrix Which is just a hack to avoid an actual reboot.

Actual reboots are good so you know you system is bootable or if it has quirks you don't completely forget them. (I've seen a unix machine with 2 years of uptime, reboot, no grub, one year before it had a USB key in it)
@hyphen @matrix Im using GNU/NT atm (no systemd!) and it works pretty well

Linux supported live patching of a running kernel since 2014, and the mainline kernel officially released on April 12, 2015.
Yes, Linux can update running kernel without reboot.
@quad @grips @matrix

@quad @grips @matrix “what do you mean kexec can make my system unstable?”

@quad @grips @matrix meanwhile canonical be charging £5k per year for that shit

@matrix The first few times I saw Linux update major components and not have to reboot, it made me think of some sort of self-repairing robot.
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