@matrix wow
Do they really think that people will think EVERY poc is a "problem" if ONLY ONE of them is a criminal in a real life news story?
Can't people think so much for themselves that it's obvious not EVERY poc is a criminal??

Say hello to mainstream media censorship policies coming to the internet.

@matrix Y'know, having been a normie that had a Facebook and Twitter account at some point, I can still appreciate having felt instant revulsion at the thought of Reddit based on the people I knew that used it and what they said it was about.

I still remember a time when a "Digg" site was competing with Reddit for basically the same. Never used it either. I'm sure I'm missing out on some good content; but it seems every time I see something about Reddit, it's cringe faggotry.

@matrix Yeah....that'll totally fix racism

Take that I guess...

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