SJWs sort of have a point when they say that free speech is a white thing

This is also why demographic changes are a problem if you look purely at numbers

@matrix Yep - a nonwhite majority = bye bye free speech

Hell, just a growing nonwhite minority led to European countries to preemptively get rid off their free speech in the name of combating "hate".
@matrix why do minorities in the US love sucking gov dick so much

Is it just the US though? You would think that they would be much more skeptical of a government that historically treated them unfairly.

@adrint @matrix do they even know the concept of being proud of your work
@matrix Stupid Whites and their tolerance. I'm glad I'm 87% Australian Aboriginal.
@matrix Also, dat rate of agreement with the statement "Hate Speech is an Act of Violence".

So many worthless retards in this world...
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