@matrix Snopes and other similar "fact checking" sites are industrial cope mines.

Wait, domestic terrorism is subjective? Isn't there like a law that specifically uses the term "domestic terrorism". If she is convicted by said law, or charges would be classified as such currently, then it is hardly subjective

@ned @matrix
It's subjective as fuck.
For example, I would call that "foreign terrorism" or "overseas terrorism" instead, because I live in Europe.

@ned @matrix
I mean, from my POV, US terrorism in US isn't much different from Taliban terrorism in Afghanistan. Some 3rd world country getting bombed by its own people, old news.

The fact that a terrorist act is not domestic to YOUR point of view, is irrelevant to the fact it's cause was domestic to where it occurred.

Why the fuck am I explaining this?

@ned @matrix
Yeah, that sucks.

Seriously though, I the word domestic does make sense in this case - the terrorist is terrorizing their own home country.

OTOH, I've seen some people say "domestic" when they really mean "inside USA" in the absolute sense (as opposed to relative) and it kinda pisses me off, seeing USians think they're the center of the world.

@matrix I mean yeah it sounds bad and all, but as long as she didn't post any funny Hitler memes how bad could she be? Besides, which one of us during our wild and carefree youth didn't bomb any government buildings? Kids need to let off steam.
@matrix Wait why is it shocking that an anti-government organization would own means of terrorism?
@matrix that's the second amendment, ya dingus. If you don't have at least one hundred pounds of C4 in your basement, you're a sorry excuse for a patriot.
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