When it comes to Chinese spyware, suddenly the ACLU cares about free expression of Americans on social media :thonktinfoil:

@matrix they're also against bodycams now that they're not just used against the poleece

no its benefiting free expression because its forcing people to find better platforms.

@matrix american liberals shilling for china to own the god emperor in orange is one always infuriates me to no end.

@matrix I bet the Chinese would be using Twitter and Youtube like crazy were it not for the Great Firewall. Yanks will be fine without Tik Tok. Also, fuck China.
@rasterman @matrix Banning TikTok right before the election is a huge mistake, but it's a legitimate threat to national security and should be banned.
@Ricotta @rasterman @matrix Yeah, I don't like the idea of potentially turning a huge group of previously apolitical young people heavily anti-Trump, but knowing China, banning it was probably justifiable on national security grounds.
@ChristiJunior @matrix @rasterman Most of what China steals is actually sold to them by Israel, so it can't be that big of a threat.
@rasterman @Ricotta @matrix No.

Not with all the shitskins and brainwashed sheep that make up the current US population.
@ChristiJunior @Ricotta @matrix Yanks are about to be boned. Though, I can't imagine how much worse it can get, seeing as Trump doesn't seem to be able to do anything already.

"Vote for me or terrorists will burn your civilisation down". Bitch, that's now.
@ChristiJunior @Ricotta @matrix I hope it is fast! The faster the Left accelerates, the faster people wake up. It's basically what's been happening already.

The problem is when they continue with the boiling frog approach.

If they are smart, Biden's win will bring instant peace to the land, the media will stop agitating and the news will cover how birds sing again, after 4 years.

That would be a problem.
@rasterman @Ricotta @matrix Depends entirely on how they accelerate. Open displays of hatred towards White men and straight/normal people, extreme crazy spergouts, setting far-left cities on fire, that's all good.

Importing even more nonwhites and Muslims, intensifying the censorship, surveillance and oppression - that's all bad, because it makes it more difficult to fight back.

I'm taking it for granted that the left has given up on the boiling frog approach at this point, Trump kinda forced their hand.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @Ricotta @matrix I like your optimism. Is that how it looks like in the country at large, though? Isn't, like, everyone who's not a White conservative of some sort completely on board with NLM and the complete destruction of life? It's just what I see from afar.
@rasterman @Ricotta @matrix The mainstream media maximizes coverage of civil unrest to perpetuate the false impression that the whole country is against Trump. Yet I see Trump signs everywhere in southeast Michigan. Mark my words — Trump will win re-election by a larger margin than his 2016 victory.
@rasterman @Ricotta @matrix It is unreasonable to expect non-Americans to perceive and comprehend local atmospheric factors which portend the outcome of American political contests, that can only be perceived and comprehended by lifelong Americans who live in America.
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