@matrix Jon St. John called him a little murderer and said he should be imprisoned and ass raped daily.

I'd show you the tweet; but it seems the tweet backfired, and now... well...
@rasterman @matrix "John St. John, the voice actor famous for legendary video game Duke Nukem, who is also an ordained minister"

@ChristiJunior @rasterman @matrix This sucks because I always loved Duken Nukem 3D, which is when he started voicing him.
@NEETzsche @ChristiJunior @matrix It's strange how he can be such a shitlib and voice such an inappropriate character.

I can't hate him the same as the others. He wished me a happy birthday like two or three years in a row in Facebook back in the day when I had FB.

It was painful seeing a grown ass man in showbiz unironically refer to the presidential candidate as "Drumpf". :0530:
Voice actors are forced to adopt the popular political opinions of their time in order to get work. Everything he says on twitter could just be theater. We'll never know.

Deep down he could have more rational opinions, but it would end his career if he stepped out of line.
@NEETzsche @ChristiJunior @matrix
@dielan @ChristiJunior @NEETzsche @matrix Maybe. If he were serious about his wokeness, he'd have renounced his relationship with the Duke Nukem character for it being too problematic.
@rasterman @matrix I don't know if it's true at all, I'm not seeing Wikipedia mention it.
@ChristiJunior @matrix It *shouldn't* make sense; but in Clown World, anything is possible. :honk:
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