The left can't meme and gatekeeps itself from good memes

@matrix The left controls the meme engines but even the meme engines couldn't sell New Coke, and Marxism is even more repulsive than that.

@judgedread @matrix I don’t mean to disturb you but the coke you drink in the USA is New Coke

They took away their own weapon.

You take power away from symbols like that by owning them, making them yours, changing the meaning.

If cultural appropriation is so harmful, then *do it to your enemy*

But seriously, just palette swap the dudebro. Problem solved.

@r000t @matrix there's brown and black variants of him so it's not like there's not alternatives

Yeah someone on Twitter made a whole gallery of them for the sole and exclusive purpose of doing what I described.

At this point they're duplicating effort.

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