@TheMadPirate @matrix The pedophile gender ideologues working in the schools are actively targeting mentally ill and autistic kids, trying to make them question their "gender identity". Oh, You're depressed? Have a negative self-image or body-image? Feel alienated? Don't feel comfortable in you own skin? Guess what, you might be a tranny!
@ChristiJunior @TheMadPirate @matrix I think autistic kids are already more prone to that sort of thing, but gender ideology exacerbates it. Apparently transtrenderism has grown substantially in teenage girls moreso than boys.
@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @matrix
IIRC the technical term is "Rapid Onset Gender Disphoria" which is different from the regular "Gender Disphoria".
And yes, it does seem like they are talking advantage of kids with mental preconditions.
@matrix @ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior That doesn't surprise me at all.
Most current "social sciencetists" have rejected the scientific method entirely, replacing it for confirmation bias procedures. They start with an assumption and then build the "experiment" precisely to have their assumptions confirmed, Objective Reality be damned.
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