@matrix yes but there is a lot about japanese life he is skimming over
Be sure to keep it that way and weed out any communist SJWs. I know they exist. Spot and call them out.
>90% of your population are mindless drones who work 20 hours a day because not working overtime is looked down upon for some reason
Great society.

@miria @matrix 90% of the US population are mindless drones who work overtime for pitiful pay and just want to consume Netflix, NASCAR, sports, online games, and tweets.

You can fix Japan by enforcing 6 hour workdays with an iron fist and the rest will fall in place. The only way to fix the west is carpet bombing every single coastal city until only Minecraft dirt textures remain.

@matrix too bad they can't fix the suicide rate.
Imagine if Japan were ruled by Tojogang once more.
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