why not? @matrix

How much covid money was scammed in CA?

even some from within their prison system got a piece!


This has happened before, elsewhere, and indeed when you offer laws that allow you to pick your gender AND favor one particular gender over another people just change over as needed.

Gender discrimination is retarded. I guess letting people change their gender nilly willy is a way to compensate for that retardation.
@TheAncestor @matrix

You can already do that. Multiple people have done this in the past.
Sweet. I'm going to change my race to Sumerian and declare myself Gilgamesh reborn!
@sex @matrix

How do you know I haven't already done that?

Personally I identify with the gender that gets more bennies.
@matrix I don't love Vito. But I think he has his moments. This is one such moment. 😌👌

@matrix magine how many criminals are gonna change their sex for the next time theyre arrested and sent off to lady jail.

@MrTWatson @matrix I want to believe that given the situation he'll be sent to the sausage cage and get raped on a daily basis.
@sjw @matrix I remember thinking it was cringe at the time but Vito was really onto something. Prophetic vision.
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