Food is a capitalist construct used to bribe the masses. Comrades don't need food to sustain themselves.

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@matrix A truckstop, homes, and some kind of meat cheese pasta dish?
I don't get how this is supposed to be bad.

It's not. They just hate anything western because they hate the west.

@matrix @applejack and yet these motherfuckers lived in the west with all the bells and whistles of the privileges of a first world country.

Nah that’s the culture neolib zoggies like that pedo Twitter user defends
@matrix fixing that can come later. first stop is to defeat crt
@mrsaturday @matrix neighborhoods with decent housing, convinient cheap food. im guessing the op would prefer no food and no house.
@rasterman @matrix
if this is a critique of america they need to be browner

fast food was a soviet ideal but ww2 interrupted that :saddest:

Yeah, fast food was a thing here during communism too although definitely not as common as it is now.

@matrix post in OP is very dumb, like how do they expect to win people over if it implies that the things in the pic are bad or something lol
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