@matrix is there a way to look at it? I want to know if I'm on it I constantly talk about how I wanted demolish everything and constantly buy suspicious items online plus I think it would be a pretty good clout.

@matrix I've been looking online and it looks like every archive of it was deleted or forced to be deleted the only thing we have is a screenshot of at least how they list terrorists

@rasterman @matrix I haven't checked I'm at work right now, and it might be under fbi list?

@Mr_NutterButter @matrix what are the options for gender there? Is it only M or F? Can we claim FBI is transphobic?

@newt @Mr_NutterButter @matrix If they’re calling it gender, it’s not m vs f. Gender, remember, is the “spectrum”— if they were being “binery” the key name would be “sex”

@matrix oh man i need to check if i'm on this thing
@matrix where the fuck is this watchlist then I want to look at it
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