That's even worse, because that makes men gay. They are destroying civilization. Reeeeeeeee

@matrix what sort of idiot thinks that decided to have pretty women talk on TV while a large male audience watches them is in any way feminizing

If anything it reinforces heteronormativity because it acknowledges that men would rather see pretty women on TV than watch just men talk
@realcaseyrollins @matrix I don't think he's referring to the eye candy sideline reporters that already existed 30 years ago, but less-attractive women more recently taking the place of traditionally male sports reporting jobs.
I haven't watched a lot of sports or ESPN much in recent years so I can't say for certain that this is the case but I suspect it is.

@realcaseyrollins @matrix it may seem like I’m betraying my own gender here but sometimes men sort of need their own space. I know sports isn’t just a man thing but there’s a reason why women and men’s sports are separate. For instance, I play roller derby. We beat the shit out of each other and wear slutty outfits and it’s awesome. I feel like a guy just waltzing in and announcing our game would annoy me. Guys probably feel the same.

@IllumiNadia @realcaseyrollins @matrix Holy crap, you are badass you know that? :blobcmereyou:

But yeah I agree. There is nothing wrong with people having their own spaces, not every single thing needs to be some big melting pot. You can have melting pots and you can have restricted spaces too. There is room enough for everyone if people just let other people do their own thing and not worry about but others are doing.

eyeing amateur athletes with bad intent… 

@IllumiNadia @realcaseyrollins @matrix Can confirm. This was like 30 years ago but I did attened a women’s roller derby a few times. Strong lesbian vibes, but it was nice to check out all the ladies bending over and racing around the track. Ladies for you I recommend men’s cycling, where they fence off a city block and race around the block. High level highly toned manflesh everywhere you look.
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