@matrix ahaha.wav :beatrice:

remake of umineko where instead of gold, kinzo has stacks of 3090's hidden on the island :kinzo:


Makes me think of my buddy. First gane I see him playing on his 3080 shortly after buying it was a JRPG that onboard graphics could have handled. Then again I think the first thing I played on my 5700 XT was the original Max Payne.

@matrix >overclock pc to 4.5 ghz
>water pumps on
>radiator fans RGB
>SLI: enabled
>totino's pizza rolls
>mom is watching tv in the other room
>it's gamer time
>corruption of champions.exe

@matrix yes, I ended up buying 1080 ti and 95% of the time I play something like minecraft, rogue-like and some fighting games.

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