I'm going to finally do it. I'm going to turn off Minio and finally setup LVM, which means media won't work for at least a day, maybe more.

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@matrix Yeah, I did the same thing. Tried minio. Worked great to start then ate resources like a leader of a communist country eats his people's food.
Just switched back to serving everything directly which was an easy move.
LVM is nice because you can add a new drive (PV), add the PV to a volume group (VG), then expand the logical volume (LV) and filesystem all with only 3 commands and zero downtime in under a minute.
XFS is particularly nice for this because inodes are allocated dynamically so you'll never run out of inodes no matter how far you expand it. Ext4 only allows for inodes to be allocated at filesystem creation so it's possible to run into issues where you have a tonne of free space but no inodes left over to actually make use of it. Plus XFS allows for deduping and is just a really nice filesystem in general.
@sjw @matrix I'm not moving off Minio. I'm just moving Minio to LVM.
I have to do it piece by piece. Shrinking the current partition, expanding lvm and copying a bit and so on.

I immediately hit an error. Does this mean i need more than 300mb of memory to shrink a 10tb ext4 partition?
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