As soon as easy hosting options are available again, we'll move to a self-hosted instance. Unfortunately, qoto is one of the few scholarly instances that allow academic societies, but has a policy towards "free speech" we do not share.


@ypc_bunsen Science rests upon free discussion, exploration and inquiry i.e. free expression.
The trend of academics supporting censorship, even implicitly, is extremely worrying.

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@ypc_bunsen faggots blocked me :omegalul:
It's not surprising they're German

@matrix @ypc_bunsen what do you expect, nowadays it's all about left speech, not free speech or right speech

@matrix @ypc_bunsen
@matrix, is there a reason you use the term “faggots”?
Do you understand how offensive that word is?
Why do you think that is a decent example of “free expression”, especially for academics?

@dyedgrey @ypc_bunsen Yes and I don't care. I reject worship and rituals.

For academics? Anything that would violate Nature's new publishing rules.

And tenure would be a great example of protection of academic inquiry.

@matrix @dyedgrey @ypc_bunsen
Funny thing is faggots refer to themselves as faggots all the time a la Milo jewaloppolus' "Dangerous Faggot Tour." I wish the word actually did hold the power that this libshit thinks it does...but it doesn't, which is why I just call people niggers.

@dyedgrey @matrix @ypc_bunsen

Problem with Niggers is Niggerism

Lets make America White Again

Jews return to Israel
Chinese return to HK
Arabs Return to Iran
Koreans return to Korea
Japanese Return to Japan
Africans return to Africa

America back in the hands of White Americans

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