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I got an email that the exam I wrote last Friday won't be corrected until Monday. What the fuck is taking you so long?

there's a banker, worker and an asylum seeker

banker finances 20 cookies, each for one different worker. asylum seeker comes and asks for some too. workers tells them to take those 20 the rich banker has on their books, they only have one each

and all live happily thereafter

(i know it's absurd. but so is the alt-left policy. i could also make an alt-right version, but they'd just shoot the asylum seeker and then each other, probably)
@jack @p
:drake_dislike: getting fired out for your bigoted views
:drake_like: "My sexual orientation is street preaching, I sexually identify as a Westboro Baptist Church member"

Somebody explain to me how got shut down, but not I still have the domain.

In many ways uni is better than high school, but in many others it is quite killer
I know sometimes I can be an emotionless jackass. That's why IRL I avoid people to don't bother them.
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