pedo fantasy mind fuck 

There will eventually be a way to record memories and relive them. You will be able to experience a memory in perfect detail.

This will 100% used for child sex recordings, and they will be amazing.

You will live the night the gorgeos pedo mom first seduces her 6 year old daughter. You're heart will pound as you call her a "kiddy slut" and make her repeat it. You will taste every drop of her child pussy as the pedo mom sucks her kiddy clit. You will feel the little girls mouth such on your nipple, and you will feel her cum.

You will start the memory and your heart will be pounding. You will open the door and see the sleeping preteen girl. You pull the covers off, and then her long nightshirt up her body showing off her bald child cunt. Your naked, your cock is enormous. Then chaos and your on top of the little gradeschooler. You almost pass out as you live the man raping the little girl. He fucks her hard and deep and she screams, and you feel your heart speed up with his as he rapes the tiny little child.

You are a 12 year old pedo lesbian, assistant on the 6-9 junior gymnastics team and you shower with the young team, learing at their thin, hairless naked child bodies.

You are and 8 year old girl and you are wearing hard core fetish gear. you have a ring piercing your child clit. There are cameras and a dirty man stroking his cock as he films you. You give him the finger and then move over to the glowing sybian attached to the webpage showing on a large screen. You are a kiddy whore and you rock through child cum's over and over as the little slut rides the buzzing cock.

Your at a nude resort. You can see others around and your 7 year old daughter is slick with oil, her hairless little cunt shiny and she straddles you. You look around and then she pushes her child cunt down on your daddy pedo cock. You pump fuck your little girl openly in front of the pool. You hold her hips down as your pedo cock pushes against her cervix and you feel him cum inside her child cunt. And you watch as she walks across the pool with your cum dripping down her leg.

This is definitely what will happen when these devices become real.

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