Weekend Pedo Fantasy Musings 

In a world with random people gaining mutant powers there will surely be a pedo villain team.

Professor Pedo with mind control, wiping away any problems and getting little boys and girls for the team to fuck, their parents happy to send them off to the secretive pedo school.

Little Misty the shapeshifter, constantly shifting into all manner of randy, sex obsessed little kids. Her adventures infiltrating preteen gymnastics and turning child beauty pageants into kiddy pussy obsessed debauchery are epic.

Kitty the Pedo Kid, the preteen pedo lesbian who can turn invisible, but not her clothes, so she stays naked at all times. She is obsessed with social media and posts the sickest videos as she secretly records the pedo's the professor finds.

The Dad and Daughter pair, King Cock and Kiddy Cunt. Their healing powers allow them to do the hardest scenes. Little Kiddy Cunt takes fists up her little pussy and Daddy King Cock pounds her hard and raw. He is the muscle of the group and the rope master who ties up the families as the team abuses their cute little kids.

What other powers might be good for pedo mutant team? Always accepting new members.

fantasy pedo

Weekend Pedo Fantasy Musings 


Gangbang, porn star and rapist, with the power to duplicate himself multple times. Makes viral one-man gang rape videos.

Darkweb, technopath capable of forging, copying and deleting digital evidence at will; hijacking security and phones cameras; and remote controlling technological devices. Hosts multiple underground porn sites.

Weekend Pedo Fantasy Musings 

@peachyg Lustfield~ Slender adult woman who emits pheramones specially tailored to turn anyone she encounters into horny messes. Adults become pedos themselves, and children get far hornier rubbing and touching themselves and all too pliable for even the most extreme kinds of sexual abuse. On request by more sadistic members, she can emit fear pheramones too~ but yes, she is vulnerable to her own scents.

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