Pedo Mornings Fantasy 

After a night of pedo dreams full of bald little pussy and naked little kids its time to start the day right.

In the shower you can speak out loud and nobody can hear you. You can speak your truth. You can say aloud "I am a pedophile" and "I love nude, slick child pussy". You can stroke your pedo cock or rub your pedo clit as you remind yourself that you need to always think about naked little kids.

You make up a song, and you sing to yourself about kiddy cunt and flat little nipples and budding nubs, You talk about your darkest dreams.

Your mind keeps racing as you get ready for your day. Keeping your pedo thoughts on the tip of your mind at all times, waiting until the day is over and you can drop into your pedo dreamland once more.

fantasy pedo.

Pedo Mornings Fantasy 

@peachyg thank you for this

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