Boost Your Wish List Workflow

Learn how to boost your workflow in creating a wish list document from beginning to end using a plain text editor, Pandoc and Lychee.

#commandline #linux #WeblogPoMo2024 #LaTeX #markdown

Are there container orchestration tools for LXD like docker-compose for Docker?

Tonight's lisp game jam progress. Units can now be placed on the island!

New instance new #introduction

I'm Alex,

I make opensource games using #fennel with #love2d, music using #reaper and #pixelart using #aseprite. (see bio)

For writing code, I exclusively use #emacs

Goals for this year
1. Use Zig in a real project
2. Make a game with #godot
3. Get better at making vector art #inkscape

Programing languages I love Fennel, Erlang, Scheme, C, Elisp, Zig

Offline, I enjoy snowboarding and painting minis (Lord of the Rings)

For my music check out

Put out a draft of the murder mystery game I've been working on. The mechanics are there. The story needs .... something

#pixelart #gamedev #horror #love2d

George Floyd’s brother just killed a mother of six children in a road rage incident
Just going to put this right here for your own personal edification

#Jolla Community Phone / C2:
just announced on stream ( No info on SoC, shipping with Sailfish OS 5.

Now they're announcing some trustworthy 100% private, user-controlled AI thing - that's supposed to be helpful with everyday tasks. I am not hype on AI, but if the promises hold up, that's interesting.

#SailfishOS #LinuxPhones #LinuxMobile

Screen recording with Kooha on OnePlus 6t, postmarketOS, Gnome-Mobile: G4Music, quick settings, and screenshot tool with some music, 30 fps.

#postmarketos #gnomemobile #linuxphones #kooha

"Transgenders" are totally healthy, sane people ... 🙄🤦‍♂️
And Reddit doesn't ban them.
So they hate heterosexuals - without whom they would not exist - but especially WHITE heterosexuals?
Where does the racism come from? 🤔☠️
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