I have made a repo for my code on Codeberg:


I plan to create a few branches for the postmarketOS mobile-config-firefox repo for styles to consider merging.

#Firefox #FOSS #FreeSoftware #GNOME #GNU #Librem5 #Linux #LinuxLibre #LinuxMobile #LinuxPhones #LinuxSmartPhones #mobile #MobileLinux #phosh #PinePhone #PinePhonePro #postmarketOS #PureOS

Take for example these examples of a #PinebookPro (rk3399 / v4l2 stateless) playing 4k content or the #RaspberryPi 4b (v4l2 stateful / m2m) playing 1080p@60fps (the limit of the hardware decoder) on a 2560x1440 screen. My videos probably don't fully capture the effect, but especially in the later case the difference is pretty visible). This is using the gtk video player demo with some extra patches and #gstreamer.

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P.S.: totally forgot - if you want to follow the development, try things out or even consider helping, here are some links:

- the previous thread about the #GNOME default video player, with lots of great answers: floss.social/@rmader/111450167

- some WIP GTK patches: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/m

- some WIP Mutter patches: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/

I'm also looking for people to help with #Gstreamer caps negotiation in various elements, especially for V4L2 decoders :)

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🚨 Applications closing soon! 🚨

Apply until the 6th of December to work with us and contribute to PI's collection of step-by-step guides to protect web users from online tracking.

Link with more details - privacyinternational.org/oppor

The jihadist who stabbed a young German man to death and injured two others in Paris last night was released from prison in 2020 despite having planned a terrorist attack in 2016.

A video clip shows a boat migrant who is staying for free in a taxpayer-funded hotel in the UK bragging about how much cash he makes on the black market.

FMV Puzzle game "Markus Ritter - Ghosts Of The Past" has released with a native Linux version and is available DRM free.

FOSS game engine Godot has been updated to version 4.2. This update adds stability improvements, forced integer scaling, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.2, a new lightmapper denoising approach, rendering optimizations, improved gamepad support and much more. The code is licensed using MIT.

The main site for the project is here:


The full release notes can be found here:


If you wish to donate to the project you can do so through Paypal or Patreon.

Semi FOSS BIOS "Coreboot" has been updated to version 4.22. This update adds support for seventeen new devices; x86 support for .data sections for pre-memory stages, support for the CBFS cache for pre-memory stages and ramstage; and more. The code to Coreboot is licensed using GPLv2.0. The reason I call it semi FOSS is that it does have to include varying levels of closed source blobs to make many models work. Having some FOSS in Coreboot beats having a fully closed source BIOS though and it is a good step for users to take to get more privacy and security for their devices.

The project's main website is here:


The code is hosted on Github:


The release notes for this update are here:


The project has a presense on Mastodon:


There is a more thorough writeup on this release by Phoronix:


If you wish to donate to the Coreboot project you can do so through Paypal; cheque or wire transfer.

FOSS space trading game "Naikari" has been updated to version 0.11.0. This update adds new missions; new maps; adjusted reputations and speed penalties; and more. Naikari is a fork of the 2D space shooter "Naev". The code is licensed using GPLv3.0. You can download the game from Itch.io and Github.

The project's main website is here:


The release notes for this update is here:


The source code is on Github:


Diligent Circle has a presence on their official website; Youtube; and Mastodon:




You can donate to support their games and engine at Liberapay and Patreon if you wish.


We want to take a moment today, on #GivingTuesday, to say thank you to the many free software supporters who have donated to the cause. Thank you and Happy Hacking! #FreeSoftware #HappyHacking

Finally growing some Balls!!

New Zealand Government will inform WHO it does not agree to International Health Regulations amendments
By Rhoda Wilson on November 28, 2023 • ( 4 Comments )

The newly sworn-in New Zealand government intends not to be pushed around by UN resolutions or by the World Health Organisation anymore. According to a coalition agreement with New Zealand First, the


Help the FSF in its campaign to end DRM in education, wether that be DRM-free music, textbooks, or elsewhere. Invest in a free future by donating to the FSF today and help us reach our goal of collecting $375,000 by December 31. u.fsf.org/41e #LearnLibre #DRMFree #EndDRM #Education

What inspired you to join the FSF as an associate member? John B., newly joined, says, "Free software is the best counterbalance to government surveillance and corporate control we have today." Thank you, John, for helping to make our movement that much stronger! #GivingTuesday #FreeSoftware Interested to learn more? Read: fsf.org/appeal #LearnLibre

To support our instance at federate.social this #GivingTuesday consider a monthly contribution on ko-fi.com/profcarroll and keep :elmo_fire: billionaire-proof social media servers alive and :mastodondance: well federated.

Q: Where does the money go, Dave?

A: All donations on my ko-fi go straight to paying our masto.host subscription which will cross the threshold of $99/mo next year after originally launching with only $9/mo of capacity just over a year ago. #GivingTuesday

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What inspired you to join the FSF as an associate member? Monika F., newly joined, says, "Because I stand for free software and to help spread the message. Free software brings with it a free society." Thank you, Monika, for helping to make our movement that much stronger! Interested to learn more? Read: fsf.org/appeal #GivingTuesday #LearnLibre #FreeSoftware #FreeSociety

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