who i drew?

and also, find & write down the hidden text & the location where you found it and i will remove the nipple tapes :blob0w0:

if this get more than 50 retoots then i will remove the skirt 🤪

my commission info

#loli #ロリ

working my fingers to the bone to make these cookies and have some christmas fuckinng cheer and my f*cking cat stole my cozy seat and blanket

Goodnight fedi!
CP NFTs are about to drop forcing the FBI to purchase all of them so get ready for a shitshow and invest in UBQ!

Watashi datte Centaur nan Dakara ne! | Well, I'm a Centaur, Too, You Know!

@waifu @MikeRoth72 @lapin @SNEK @Loki @graf @matrix
I've never really been into centaurs buuuuut....

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