@ryo Ancaps and ancoms aren't the only anarchists. You also have anprims, mutualists, left-market anarchists, and egoism. You should probably include those as well.

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@xianc78 True, there are many more than just these.
But the biggest divide seems to exist between AnComs and AnCaps (or at least, the most well known divide).
I didn't look into the other ones as much yet, simply because I didn't come across people who go by the other types.
Well, @cee said to be anarcho-individualist (blue/black, not sure how to shorten it), which is apparently kind of "the big tent".
@ryo There is Illegalism, Egoism, Mutualism, Agorism, AnCaps, Anarcho-Nihilism, Transcendentalism which all come under the Individualist umbrella


@ryo @cee @xianc78 This divide is nothing new. Here is a post from over a decade ago in which somebody from the left anarchy side makes very similar observations. He states that from their side, it mistakenly looks as though right anarchists want a big corporate state.

This is a lot of common ground! So much so, that I think that one would be hard-pressed to find another group that “regular anarchists” have so much in common with! With this being the case, why not unify? Why not work together against our common enemies? The obstacles that we need to overcome are enormous, and we need all the help we can get. … Left anarchists tend to mistakenly believe that right anarchists want more of what we have now – imperialism, mercantilism and a Corporate State, instead of wanting no government whatsoever. The right anarchists tend to mistakenly see the left anarchists as being a new form of Leninist or as wanting a conformist tyranny-of-the-majority Borg.

It seems divide and conquer tactics have been at play for quite some time here. And I’m all for bridging the gaps.

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