@matrix putting it all on the line, lol

whoring isnt a respectable profession
@matrix TFW the Chobits future comes and all the women become desperate for male attention but don't get any because we're all married to our virtual waifus
@matrix @zemichi I just found it. It's streaming now, I think. I don't get the Chaturbate interface very much, but... could it be there are 16,000 people watching? I checked other streams to compare and it seems to be more than most 3D women at the moment. o_O
@zemichi @matrix So basically... MGTOW is a waste of time, since technology and the market will solve gender inequality?

Yes. Robo waifus and artificial wombs will make women obsolete. You can't have gender inequality if there's is only one gender.

@matrix @zemichi In an ultimate ironic twist of fate, in the end, Islam really was right about women.
There will be only men, and men's property.

@matrix @diresock @zemichi Someday, I hope we can shove our brains into computers that can remotely control artificial robot bodies for us. Have backup bodies wired to the computer in case wifi goes down too, I guess. It would be kinda like the Frankenstein Radio Controls Francis E. Dec ranted about.
You could have bodies custom made to suit your ideal image. Indecisive? Buy more bodies. Hell, have an orgy with yourself. You could even have stuff like animal robots for otherkin and furries. It'd suck for any of those sick freaks into real, flesh-and-blood people, but those losers can keep their meatbag bodies and pork all the other luddites if they don't want to embrace all the robo-hypersex

@Galena @diresock @zemichi I can't wait for that day. A day when I can become a true 2D loli.

@matrix i mean, for sure it is a losing battle

anyone can see this

they are right to be defensive imho. too bad fem solidarity is a myth
@matrix Imagine being so shit at your job that a cartoon can replace you.
@matrix @1iceloops123 the crazy thing about this is...there is a feedbach mechanism for neural nets to react to this hard wired into systems like chaturbate. If they do the right thing, they get buzzed. We can train them these 2d girls *really well*
@matrix That.Is.HILARIOUS. If you have more about this, share. I laughed my arse off reading these posts. :3010:
@matrix What's the world coming to when cartoons make a mockery of everything camwhores do?
@matrix illustrations and paintings existed long before cameras and video. All porn used to be 2D.
@matrix I just realized something. This the same thing that used to happen in WoW with dancing night elves. The realities are bleeding through each other.
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