"Isn't it true Mr. Augustine that you feloniously deadnamed this fucking troon?"

"Well I...."

"Be honest with the court Mr. Augustine. When you used those illegal pronouns did you not then begin to mouth the phrase 41 percent while fortnite dancing?"

"Listen I..."

"Look at this abomintation Mr. Augstine (Points to hideous balding man in dress) doesn't SHE deserve your love"

Gender ideology is putting young girls in harm’s way in the name of tolerance. This is so awful.


Child transition is being banned all over Western Europe, but UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital's website proudly asserts that they start seeing kids as young as 3 for "transgender, nonbinary, or gender-diverse children"

There is no such thing as a nonbinary 3-year-old. That is absurd. Affirming a young child's nonbinary identity, something which has never existed, puts them at a higher risk of starting puberty blockers and hormones.

The fact that parents are placing their toddlers on a fast-track to mutilation should concern everybody.


You are not homophobic if you don't want your kids to see gay porn in schools. This shouldn't have to be said.

Watch our @gag_arizona co-chapter leader @robertmwallace's discuss this preposterous argument in a recent interview.


Your frequent reminder that multiple gender clinics in North Carolina diagnose and treat toddlers with "gender dysphoria," starting at age two.

They claim that a child playing with toys that are marketed towards the opposite sex indicates that they are transgender.

We wish we were joking. There is no such thing as a transgender toddler.

Kids are being put on a one-way conveyor belt to butchery and castration. It starts with pronouns and ends with amputating healthy body parts. If this isn't child abuse, then we don't know what is.


If you wouldn't put pornographic videos in schools, then what makes it okay to have it in books? Gay parents are just as horrified as everyone else.

This does not represent the values of the average gay American, and we recommend that woke activists start thinking of excuses for why they insisted on putting pornography in the libraries at school for children.

That is disgusting!

You’ve probably heard of the @trevorproject, but did you know that they have a sexual chat website called Trevor Space for 13-25 years olds to discuss their sexuality, gender identity and even their fetishes?

We did an exposé on all of it. Read it here: radar.gaysagainstgroomers.com/

I saw this one on lemmy but I couldn't find it here, I think we don't federate with them yet. Or they defederated us because we're the bag guys.

One of the issue preventing #LinuxMobile distros from shipping a #PipeWire / #libcamera camera stack is the fact that it requires #wireplumber as session manager, which again does not always play nicely with #pulseaudio, if that is still used as sound server.

Unfortunately switching to PW for sound is not always possible yet because some mobile-specific packages depend on PA. So if you want to help with camera enablement, please consider helping with issues such as source.puri.sm/Librem5/wys/-/i :)

I just watched Rushmore, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Boogie nights.


Why, Why, Why is the LGB flag everywhere, even where it shouldn't be, like on open source projects where people from all around the globe, and of all ideologies contribute, its so invasive. Its outright offensive, how they don't consider the rest of us.
Why do we involve into politics and such useless discussions when these are FOSS projects, software ain't got anything to do with politics.

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