I believe the age of conscent at 18 is a horrible thing.

But not for the reason you all keep complaining about pedos.
Humans used to form families from a young age. A 9yo bride, who waited 7 more years under a protection of loving susband realy doesn't sound like a bad scenario to me.

But now, 15 yo women cannot get married even if they truly wanted. So what are they supposed to do?

Well, that noone could see how this would turn out...

Btw, my OF is only $9.99 per month uwu

@LukeAlmighty I love this logic

If prostitution is illegal, people will just break the law and it's more dangerous

Let's make them less able to marry by law. That will fix it

Though today it literally is:
16yo marrying 19yo: abuse
18yo spitroasted by 5 40yos on camera for money: healthy and her right

It's not even a pretence

@applejack What I think is hilarious is that having sex with a prostitute is illegal in some European countries unless you film it then it’s porn and okay … for some reason? @LukeAlmighty

@LukeAlmighty It didn’t use to apply to male prostitutes until a certain gay porn studio became very popular and Czech gays were like “ya fix this plz” @applejack

@LukeAlmighty I should clarify: it didn’t matter if you filmed it, you still got arrested because of a technicality. To which the Czech authorities were probably like :shrug_akko: @applejack

@barasaint @LukeAlmighty Thankfully both are illegal here and that mainly solves it

There is OF whoring but police at least fucked with them a little

@applejack I don’t live there but aren’t most Icelandic people pretty eglitarian when it comes to “who makes the first move”? @LukeAlmighty

@LukeAlmighty in my native prefecture in Japan, it was 16 until ~2010 when it was raised to 18. Honestly, you can't tell me that 16 years and 18 years are that different in terms of mental age. Where I live in the USA, it's 16 y/o, unless there's a *huge* age gap. AoC laws are bullshit, but not for the p*do reasons. @applejack

@barasaint @applejack
16 and 18 is a HUGE difference.

Puberty exists for a reason, and thinking, that you can just push the time, when people are supposed to form a family is hubris of the worst kind.

@LukeAlmighty Maybe it’s just because (most) americans are often fucking morons until they’re ~22 @applejack

@barasaint @applejack
Being a moron doesn't mean you can alter your biology until you get wise FFS!!!

Because now, instead on 1 problem we have 1 peoblem and a civilization collapse on top of it.

@LukeAlmighty For as perverted as Japan is stereotyped as, there’s a lot of fetish/soft stuff but rarely hard fucking until people are at least 18. @applejack

@LukeAlmighty @applejack

> susband

i know it's a typo but what a beautiful typo this is

indeed someone who would take a 9 y/o bride is very sus (unless it's fully political and on paper and it's 7th century or something)

@matana @applejack
I cannot say I see any argument against child marriage there.

@applejack something tells me this was the work of middle-aged, single, sad women who weren't able to get husbands when they were 12. tsk tsk.

@applejack i wouldn't be surprised if the age of consent increases again relatively soon considering how stunted our society is in every regard

@applejack they did all of that while having next to none rights

based women :peepoHappy:

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