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wait you COULD recruit Alois in CF?


I know Japanese!

凸 <- RJ45
し <- Fishing hook
ゆ <- Fish
山 <- Galaga ship
ひ <- Someone's mouth while sleeping (snore)
日 <- Wardrobe
回 <- Safe
大 <- Stickman
人 <- Stickman with no arms
木 <- Stickman with long penis
楽 <- Stickman with kabuto helmet and short penis


given the generous amount of divine pulses I rarely forfeit a FE3H map... but goddamn Ashen Wolves paralogues are hard

Please don't mistake me for a commie. However
As a worker you have rights, know them.
The biggest weapon you have against (((them))) is standing up for yourself.
Six million Americans have resigned from their jobs and have found employment that respects their mental health and work-life balance.
You can, and should, do the same.
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