Perhaps we should all
try to reach an agreement
about what happened

my so is retelling fun hospital stories he heard (and lived through) in uni

did you know that medics can get their arms stuck in cervix because they tried to remove placenta from uterus manually

turns out hentai did have some speck of truth to it... :thonk:

note this this DOES NOT describe abortion

the baby is supposed to be born just fine after having its collarbone broken :comfyhappy:

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dumbass prolifers: birth is sacred and natural and should not be interfered with uwu

medics: if a baby is too big, just break its collarbone, lol

Please do not update
this page until there is a
release announcement

а так как функция скачки игр останется, это, блядь, даже не разгрузка серверов, это сони буквально говорит: "не несите нам свои деньги, пожалуйста, поставьте вместо этого HEN"

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а, ну кроме того, что летом весь магазин нахуй закроют

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I'll jailbreak my PS3 most likely when the time comes, because many vidyas are already unobtainable by being on disc only and with used discs even finding something as basic as Tekken 6 was a chore

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fugg good thing i remembered that i had leftover money left on my fake 'murican ps account

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