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I am still anxious and resting, so if I or hijabot don't post then it's me chilling, and if baraag stops updating, I am dead

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all fuckers who report obvious art to authorities should be held criminally liable on the same level as people who assist in holding abducted children hostage

major website moderators pleaded, services which manage and act on CSA reports pleaded: don't false flag shit, don't report loli, this clutters up reports, this prevents us from providing help, THIS KILLS CHILDREN and these arrogant self-absorbed fuckers do not care

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I saw an artist driven to a suicide attempt over fanart, and when she posted photos from ER, thousands of people explicitly expressed regret that she didn't finish the deal

I saw needles in cookies given to another artist for a crime of "wrongshipping" - and the "all are accepted" crowd told that she deserved that

I saw a neurodivergent disabled man driven to suicide by mass online, IRL, and legal threats for defending a "wrong" person and combating a rich one: and when he did perish, the collective mind scoffed that he dared to lash against those who pushed him to commit suicide, saying it was "selfish"

I saw a normal family man threatened, doxxed, his pregnant wife threatened with death, his career sabotaged - all for donating to "wrong" people

I saw a woman doxxed and driven out of her job for merely illustrating what "all are accepted uwu" crowd was saying

eradication of bullying is a two-way street, not a one-lane where we have to stand like bowling pins waiting for you to knock us out

we, non-conventional people on the spectrum, mustn't kneel in front of you, bowing to your every petty whim, you high-functioning majority who is certainly savvy enough to abuse the system to your benefit

because you have long ago become the bullies

[игровые журналисты]
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и потом, в чём тут неправда? во-первых, в Наруто меньше филлеров, чем у ёбаного Достоевского; во-вторых, Наруто ниндзя, а Достоевский был дрищом-эпилептиком, ясен хуй, Наруто бы его отпиздил

так что Наруто побеждает по всем фронтам 🍥

Reminder that you can have the comfys as telegram stickers too :comfyuwu:

was bored looking up some recycling shit (dont ask lotta random crap in the house) and Bruh Ur Just Book Burning but Ecofriendly
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