@matrix I was feeling fat but now I feel good, I'm significantly slimmer than an average American woman

And American men too. :lul: They have basically the same BMI as American women.

@matrix Everyone in America's a fat fuck, and I don't really blame them, considering how many of our ancestors had to struggle through famine and whatnot. We'd better enjoy how much food we've got.
@sarchasm @matrix True, which is why I try to work out somewhat regularly so I don't balloon out, but I'm basically gonna be eating whatever I want.
@ArdanianRight @sarchasm @matrix
unless you're doing manual labor all day, you're not going to out work bad eating habits
@kekservative @matrix @sarchasm I'm personally fine with a dad bod look anyways, just don't want to be a nonfunctional blob.
@ArdanianRight @kekservative @matrix @sarchasm Doing the absolute minimum is better than no effort at all. Good job, mensch!
@ArdanianRight @sarchasm @matrix Then you'll balloon out. Maybe not now while you are young, but as you age, it will happen unless you start eating well. You *can* excercise your way out of being a lard arse; but it will have to be very high intensity to work.
@ArdanianRight @matrix

This would be good argument if 90% of people who claim to be American, wernt fresh off the boat themselves.
@ArdanianRight @matrix I blame them and more. Though at least excess of food is easier to deal with if you have the will to do it.
@rasterman @ArdanianRight @matrix Yep, a woman being fat is a hell of a lot more shameful than a man being fat, same way a woman being poor or a NEET is less of a deal than a man being that.
@ChristiJunior @ArdanianRight @matrix It's understandable, since a woman's sexual market value depends on her looks and fertility. I don't get the second part. Why would a NEET woman be a bad deal?
@rasterman @ArdanianRight @matrix No, that was my point, women can and should get away with NEETdom a lot easier to men, while fat women should be Shamed much more than fat men.
@ChristiJunior @rasterman @matrix The thing is female NEETs tend to become e-thots or something similar, rather than tradwives.
@ArdanianRight @matrix @rasterman Still, by itself female NEETdom shouldn't be a dealbreaker the way being a fat whale should be.
@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @matrix I think e-THOT numbers are greatly exaggerated. Like Black conservatives.
@rasterman @ArdanianRight @matrix I mean, Nick Fuentes ran into a faggot catboy before he got tripped up by a e-thot..
@ChristiJunior @ArdanianRight @matrix He's not a faggot, bro. It's all irony, bro. Like the Irony Bros. It's not that they are drooling retards. You're too much of a square to get it. Nick is owning the libs by dating a catboy.
@judgedread @ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @matrix I still don't know what happened with Ricky Vaugh. Was he really an infiltrator? Seems like he screwed Nehlen over; but that was the last I knew of him.

I have seen the Irony Bros counter signal the right more times than I've seen them promote it. I'm beginning to think their irony is so strong that they seem outright enemies to a square like me.
@rasterman @ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @matrix Ricky Vaughn worked for Smartsearchr which is now known as Clearview AI. What is their product?

A universal facial recognition doxxing database used by law enforcement.

Makes you think.
@matrix And a lot of those fat cows are apparently still quite picky when it comes to men, is the amazing part. Not that any self-respecting man should mess with them anyway.

@ChristiJunior @matrix That's the big issue, the attitude. I'm not gonna nitpick on weight personally, though you should be at least trying to take care of yourself, but you absolutely cannot fix an entitled attitude which demands a lot from their partner, gives very little back, and is never ever grateful.
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